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Working for PyramidEdge

We are a small business supporter- assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs with everything from drafting their first employee handbook and managing their first hire, to sourcing benefits options as they grow. We care…a lot. We are responsive, tact, professional, flexible, diligent, and creative. HR is who we are and we aim to be the best in the industry.

Anyone joining our team has to have a solid understanding of small business. The ideal candidate will need to keep up, work well under stress, and have a strong desire to be actively involved in the growth of our business. 

To work here, this needs to matter to you. Your team needs to matter, your clients need to matter. If you are looking to take on this role just for extra income, this is not the role for you. We are looking for long term support from professionals who have a desire to commit and develop. 

The ideal candidate for any of our roles will need to have the following traits:

  • You think beyond the standard expectations. You want to understand the whys and process from beginning to end to understand how your role as well as your teammates impact the process.
  • You care about the impact your work has on the growth of a business. Though you have your own goals personally and professionally, you understand that your role is to show up, show out, and support the growth of this business, so while you are employed, you aim to do your best everyday.
  • You take your job and what you as a professional seriously.
  • You hate subpar work. You will ask for an extension before you deliver subpar work.
  • You have/are taking the time to determine what your weaknesses are professionally (because we all have weaknesses) and have every intention of improving upon those weaknesses. You have a strong desire to improve and aim to make small changes everyday.
  • You fully understand the employee/employer relationship and can accept criticism and act on it accordingly. You are smart, open to learning, and open to understanding.
  • You are comfortable juggling multiple projects at once. You thrive in a fast-paced environment where things just need to get done.
  • You are a problem solver. You care enough about your work to seek out ways to improve the process in some aspect. You aim to minimize the time it takes to get things completed by really understanding and learning the process, then improving upon it.
  • You are comfortable being self-taught. You thrive in an environment where you work independently, have to figure things out for yourself, and you’re ok with taking the time to do the research.
  • You are constantly trying to learn something new or try something different. 
  • You understand time management and its importance in managing your tasks and objectives. You are comfortable tracking tasks in systems and are disciplined enough to stay on top of it.
  • You understand that you are being hired for a job that requires your full attention during your workday, and you aim to give 100% of your attention to the role as required.

Who We Are

  • We understand that family comes first.
  • We understand the need for mental health days
  • I don't believe in employees wearing multiple hats.
  • If we could do this for free, we would. So please understand that we care a lot about these clients and what we put out. We expect the same from you.
  • We don't expect perfection, but I do expect you to deliver great work every time.
  • We try to be as transparent as possible about our growth. We want you to understand where your contributions have put us.
  • We are a team of macro-managers. 
  • We are more than happy to help you. All questions are welcomed. Let's get the answers you need so you can do your job effectively. We expect you to try to learn things on your own through research. You may learn something else too.
  • We always try to be fair no matter what.
  • We have an open door policy.

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