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Recruiting Techniques/Strategies

Businesses look for employees in a number of different ways. Having the right

recruitment strategies makes the process run smoothly and effectively. Here are a few things to

keep in mind when building trust, dealing with job postings, and actively searching while


Building trust is a must when scouting for good talent. Most people look to apply to

well-known names and brands that the public trusts. For small businesses that may not have that

rapport built yet, utilizing your ‘about us’ page is a smart way to start. Use it to add details about

what’s important to your company, the vision/mission statements, and what the diversity of your

workforce looks like. You can also build trust by treating your candidates as clients. Having a

welcoming attitude and treating them with the same respect you treat those that pay you will

create a positive reputation.

While constructing job posts, make sure the ads reflect the company. If you expect

someone fulfilling a certain role to be more professional, include that. Sometimes a role requires

one to be more creative, so be creative when constructing the post. You can use social media to

target the right people by using hashtags and keyword copy. Sometimes the employees you

already have are a great source to recruit as well. Setting up a referral program is an easy way to

find the talent you need.

Niche job boards help you to weed out the applicants who aren’t a good fit. Look for

professional websites that have job boards to narrow down your search options. Reaching out to

past applicants is an idea since you never know if they have acquired more skills or knowledge.

This is why keeping a contact list of people who weren’t hired can be useful.


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