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Pets in the Office

It's been a long day at work for Helen who is a nurse in the intensive care unit, at a busy

hospital in downtown New York. She gives her all every day despite the loads of stress she has to

endure. The moment she opens her front door and is greeted by her furry friend of 4 years, Cody

the Boston Terrier, the worries disappear. One of the reasons she can take on such a demanding

career is because of her stress-alleviating pet.

Animals have helped humans from the beginning of time. We have a symbiotic

relationship that nourishes us both. Pets in the office may not be the most practical in all settings.

However, having an occasional visit from an animal can reset the moods of the workers who

need it the most. Increasing the positivity in your work environment helps with the overall

success of a business. Incorporating pets in the office can increase productivity, as well as attract

new employees.

It is important to be considerate when having pets at work. Introduce new pets slowly,

and make sure to inform everyone in case someone has an allergy. Maintain good hygiene, by

ensuring optimum cleanliness and freedom from contagions. Having records of up to date

vaccinations is appropriate. Also, keep your pet healthy by expressing any dietary needs or

restrictions to everyone. As long as we are thoughtful about all employees and animals, a happier

and more uplifting environment can be achieved through having pets in the office.


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