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No Discrimination Dress Code

Dress Codes in the workplace are implemented to help employees represent their

company in the most professional way they can. They are not formulated so black and white

anymore, because there are many aspects to include to prevent discrimination.

Keeping it gender neutral is very important today. It is legal to have differing dress codes

for men and women. However, many people identify outside of those 2 categories. There are 21

states that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. Be sure that your policies allow your

employees to express whatever gender they identify with.

Religious belief is also something to keep in mind when enforcing a dress code. Some

people wear head coverings or other body coverings to honor their religion. Keep the ability for

all faiths to have freedom of expression. This may include being lenient about women wearing or

not wearing pants, makeup, and heels.

Grooming standards can also be discriminatory. Telling a woman of color that she cannot

wear her natural hair, or wear a protective covering can get you in trouble. It is a heavy burden

for someone to maintain complicated hairstyles that are not natural to them. Some states are

passing laws against hair discrimination for this reason.

Dress codes should be mindful of people with health problems and disabilities, both short

and long term. Someone who recently underwent surgery may require completely different

clothes or shoes. This allowance isn’t only for their comfort, but also for your compliance with

the law, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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