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Four-Day Work Week

Posted on 26/10/2023

The saying less is more has been proven to be true for work hours as well. In 2022, over 60 companies in the U.K. experimented with a 4 day work week for 7 months.

The program consisted of 2,900 workers from varying industries such as finance, food retail, marketing, etc. Survey results found that the workers reported less stress and burnout. Some reported having better sleep, and over half said work-life balance had increased. Most of the companies’ productivity and revenue had remained the same.

There was a decrease in used sick days and resignations when compared to the prior year. A majority of them continued on with the 4-day work week with a small percent making the change permanent. Some employees mentioned that they wouldn’t return back to the 5-day schedule for any amount of money.

The job postings on Indeed that include a 4-day work week has had a slight increase, and in professions other than office-based such as in person services and even in health care. Lowering the stress levels of employees is becoming a global lucrative business practice, to increase retention and productivity in an overall sense.


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