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Employee Data Security

We can all agree that our personal information is something we want to keep that way,

personal. There's absolutely no doubt that our sensitive information is something we expect a

business to keep private. A trusted company is one that keeps their employee data secure. There

are different methods to keep your employees’ sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

Policies are the first layer of internally keeping your data secure. Develop certain policies

that result in disciplinary action, or even termination, if unauthorized employees use, view or

copy restricted material. Simple disclaimers stating the end of one's employment if they act

against the rules keeps workers extra careful to not even do so on accident.

Education is usually the key to doing something right. Teach your employees how to

recognize phishing emails or scams that may compromise their data. This is especially important

when they are using personal electronic devices to do work. It could be an email, verbal

instruction during training, or even a short course on the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

If you handle any business online, extra protection is necessary for managing your

records. Electronic records need to be protected through encryption (encoding information),

passwords, and secure servers. Frequently check on your electronic systems to make sure they

are free of viruses, and be sure to restrict access.


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