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Appealing to Gen Z

In 2023, the people coming into the workforce for the first time are Generation Z. While

all the traditional rules in HR still apply when dealing with this generation, the focus on what’s

important is narrowed down. This writing touches on the values of new and upcoming workers

and what they expect from HR.

A workplace where employee well-being is considered one of the more important topics

is desired. Mental health is a priority, and so naturally work-life balance is a must. Hours that are

suitable for taking care of other needs, and providing paid time off helps achieve this. Job

security and salary are also important, so offering overtime and time & a half for holidays adds

to this as well.

Generation Z values ethical leadership. They want to be part of organizations that create a

positive impact because they want to make a difference in the world. They take their purpose

seriously and are prepared for growth in their careers. Providing opportunities for that growth are

essential when appealing to Gen Z or “Zoomers”.

Empathic leaders who maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace is a strong appeal.

Even though discrimination is most commonly found among races, Gen Z sees socioeconomic

status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex all as categories

to be included and diverse.


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